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Liam's write-only LJ

Online diary & blog with added tech geekery and travel writing

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Liam Proven
8 November 1967
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More fully - so much so that I never actually use it - Reverend Liam Guy Hiram Proven, BSc.

Occupation -- freelance writer and I.T. consultant.

Real life -- some notable characteristics are, alphabetically: atheist, biker, biologist, SF fan, skeptic, vegetarian. White, monogamous, heterosexual, male Englishman; no (voluntary) piercings, no tattoos, doesn't smoke. Drinks real ale and craft beer in moderation, avoids spirits and detests wine. Not as boring as all that may sound, honestly.

I also have a tech blog at liam_on_linux.

Other social networks

For professional information, have a look at my View Liam Proven's profile on LinkedIn.

I am also on Twitter and slightly less often Facebook. Less often, I'm on Google+ too. I'm on all of those a lot more than LJ these days, though. I also have presences on Last.fm and MySpace, but they're mostly a bit token. The OpenID listed below is valid and I do participate on Launchpad, but actually LJ itself is my default OpenID.

Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise stated, all of my writing on this LJ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License. If you wish to use my ideas for commercial purposes, please contact me to discuss details.

In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the LJ Abuse Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.

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